- Alive
Ernie Watts Quartet
Flying Dolphin Records (c)2004

Ernie Watts Quartet ALIVE (2004) provides Watts with a new forum for recording. Throughout his long and fruitful career, he has not previously made a live recording of his own, capturing a stage performance with no editing or overdubs. The chance to hear Watts at immediate heat in the midst of his own music is a special occasion, only available before to his concert audiences. Recording in Germany, he leads his quartet (which features acclaimed pianist Christof Saenger) through originals and some well-chosen classics by Thelonious Monk and Charles Mingus. The musicians stretch their imaginations and soar over a set of airtight arrangements. Released on Watts' own Flying Dolphin label, ALIVE begins a new chapter for the artist. "This is my first recording where I had complete control," notes Watts, "All the creative decisions were mine, from the tunes to the final mix. That freedom produced this CD. It shows who I really am as a musician."

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 Track Listing
1. 3+5=4 8:57
2. River of Light 14:08
3. The Plan 9:43
4. Angel's Flight 14:37
5. Round Midnight 11:05
6. Nostalgia in Times Square 7:12
• Ernie Watts - Saxophones
• Christof Saenger - Piano
• Rudi Engel - Bass
• Heinrich Koebberling - Drums