- Oasis
Ernie Watts Quartet
Flying Dolphin Records (c)2011

A dictionary definition of “Oasis” cites: “something serving as a refuge, relief, or pleasant change from that which is usual, annoying, or difficult.” In our modern world, all three of these last-mentioned can be frequent. For Ernie Watts, music has been an oasis his whole life. One way he immerses himself in this oasis is by using his spirit, his heart, and his deep knowledge of jazz to write music. Another is of course to play his horn, in wordless conversation with other musicians or communing with just his instrument alone in a room (which often produces new music from him.) This album contains music from many sources; three compositions from Watts, one each from Christof Saenger and Heinrich Koebberling, a bebop classic from Bird and Dizzy, a ballad from Johnny Mandel and Dave Frishberg, another from Joe Sample and Will Jennings. There is a Lennon/McCartney tune, and Ernie’s major inspiration John Coltrane has a composition here too--Trane’s music was the Watts entry into the Oasis of Jazz. Whether you need refuge, or simply joy, here is an Oasis for you.

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 Track Listing
1. Konbanwa 7:17
2. Oasis 11:02
3. One Day I'll Fly Away 6:20
4. Blackbird 7:16
5. Palmito 5:17
6. Crescent 9:39
7. Twilight Waltz 7:30
8. Bass Geige "bahss guy-geh" 6:53
9. You Are There 5:16
10. Shaw Nuff 6:26
• Ernie Watts - Saxophone                       (Tenor)
• Christof Saenger - Piano
• Rudi Engel - Bass
• Heinrich Koebberling- Drums